Issues That Concern Us


Climate Change

 Human activities are altering our climate system. The science is clear that our planet Earth is getting warmer, primarily due to burning fossil fuels. That is, the burning of coal and petroleum release carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases into Earth’s atmosphere.   As a
result of the climate change phenomenon, scientists predict that sea levels will rise, surface temperature will continue to increase and weather events will become more extreme and
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Black Lives Matter

 The Texas Coalition of Black Democrats stands in solidarity with our allies and constituents across the nation as we address the issues of structural racism and socioeconomic disenfranchisement within our criminal justice system and educational intuitions. The prevalent presence of racism and prejudice has been detrimental to the social framework of this country. Structural racism and socioeconomic disenfranchisement are multifaceted social constructs that impacts our lives in every aspect imaginable.  Find out more.

Health Care Reform

 The Texas Coalition of Black Democrats stands in solidarity with our allies and constituents across the nation as we address the issues of structural and socioeconomic marginalization of blacks within our healthcare system. Current systemic structures have a disproportionate impact on the health of men, women, and children of color in our nation and the state of Texas. The Hippocratic oath is best known for the line, “…first do no harm”; but the Texas State Legislature’s unwillingness to embrace the Affordable Care Act coupled with non­expansion of the Medicaid, restrictions on sex education (abstinence only teaching), restricting women’s access statewide, and an unwillingness to really address mental health access has and will continue to result in a widening of disparities and an increase in adverse outcomes. 

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Texas Education System

 TCBD believes that the current education system is underfunded and over tested.  We need to adequately and equitably invest in the constitutionally mandated public education system in Texas.  Everyone deserves to have the same opportunity to succeed in life, and receiving a quality education is essential to that end.  A student’s life and future should not be dependent on the zip code in which they were born. 

Support for Black Women and Girls

 The Texas Coalition of Black Democrats believes that it is imperative to ensure that African American women have adequate representation, dialogue, and policy to address specific issues and needs that disproportionately affect African American women. To resolve, the Democratic Party must stand in solidarity with African American women and call for a creation of a national well-funded initiative geared towards minority women to ensure adequate representation, advocacy, and policy making. 

Black Business Investment by Democratic Party

 In light of the unwavering support of Blacks for the Democratic Party’s core values, the fight for long-term economic growth in our communities through the development of Black firms must be a part of our group’s strategy. Therefore, it is imperative that the Democratic Party advocate for, and demonstrate, inclusion through contracting and procurement practices.


Democratic Party Accountability


About the African American Electorate

 The African American electorate can best described as a politically devout body with decades of unwavering support for the Democratic Party.  The black electorate’s allegiance is unparalleled in the political landscape with roughly 88% of African Americans voting  exclusively for Democratic candidates in presidential, congressional, and local elections since 1980. However, contemporary analyses of African American voting trends when compared to the history of Democratic advocacy, policy, and legislation suggests that the Black electorate has not seen any substantial vicissitudes in race relations, criminal justice reform, wage inequality, economic development, and access to equitable education.