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Texas Coalition of Black Democrats

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About Us

Serving The Community


We strive to improve the lives of San Angelo African American residents of all ages and genders.  Join us to understand  the political process, and the role you play to change the political landscape here.

Our Mission



The San Angelo Chapter of the Texas Coalition of Black Democrats, is in full support of our parent organization, the Texas Coalition of Black Democrats.  We support the mission and help to manifest it on a local basis.

*Stimulate in African Americans an active interest in governmental affairs.
*Facilitate African American participation in the Democratic Party.
*Perpetuate the ideals and principles of the Democratic Party.
*Attract new members to the Coalition of Black Democrats.
*Help acquaint voters and potential voters with the issues and candidates.
*Promote by our efforts the highest degree of governmental response to public need.
*Promote and facilitate economic development as it impacts and interfaces with political participation in the African American communities of this state.

Your Vote Really Does Count


In 1965, after a long hard fight, President Lyndon Johnson, signed the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

We support and encourage every African American in San Angelo, to register-then vote in every election.

Don't allow the lives lost to this cause to be in vain.  Take control of your destiny and build a legacy for generations to come to appreciate the privilege to VOTE!

 Be a part of a powerful voice for the Black community!

Become a member of the San Angelo Chapter of the Texas Coalition of Black Democrats today.